human resource management system (hrms)


Following the Public Service Division (PSD) tender award for the development of a fully operational Human Resource Management System (HRMS) to NCS Pte Ltd in end February 2010, is privileged to be a key stakeholder working collaboratively with PSD, MHA, MOE, IDA and NCS in the requirement study stage.

Under the guidance of the HRMS Steering Committee and Working Committee (represented by CE and DSM respectively), the Vital.Org Process Excellence (PE) team and user representatives from HRS, PAC and LDS are working in partnership with PSD towards achieving key milestones in requirement study, user acceptance testing and user training. Targeted to go live in August 2011 replacing the current PM2S system, the new HRMS solution aims to support business operations more effectively and enhance user’s overall experience. In the coming months, the PE team hopes to incorporate into the new HRMS requirements, key recommendations in HRS and LDS resulting from the process improvement teams.