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Our VITALites


Muntaj Begum, Senior Executive, Payroll and Claims

I am a payroll specialist in VITAL. Payroll work can be complex and demanding at times, but I am glad that I have strong support from colleagues who are like family.

As a specialist with many years of payroll experience, I frequently conduct training to share my insights with younger colleagues who have just joined the team. This gives me great satisfaction and motivation!

I am also grateful for the opportunities provided by VITAL. Over the years, I have received recognition for my contributions. These include the National Day Award for Efficiency, VITAL Services Ambassador Award and Long Service Award.

Tan Hwee Ching, Senior Account Manager, Service Partner Relations

I enjoy working with the people in VITAL, whom I have forged many friendships with. My colleagues are understanding and everyone works well together. VITAL is definitely a place I call home!

In addition, the management here appreciates the hard work that staff have put in and offers us opportunities to develop our careers. I am glad for the opportunity to help out at the 4th ASEAN Finance Ministers’ and Central Bank Governors’ and Related Meetings and to lead several VITAL’s organisational initiatives.

The challenging and dynamic work at VITAL gives me a great sense of satisfaction.


Diana Lim, Assistant Director, Travel Management

Versatility is one word to describe my experience at VITAL. Through my 10 years at VITAL, I have handled diverse duties, due to the growing requirements of servicing numerous government agencies, and I learned so much. Even when faced with challenges, I was glad to have laughed off the stresses with the team and experienced very heart-warming moments throughout.

There is no limitation to growth as bosses are supportive and team-mates cross-share knowledge, operating in a way that places collective goals ahead of individual glory.