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VITAL Helpdesk

Please direct all enquiries to our helpdesk email.

E-mail: VITAL Helpdesk

QSM Enquiries & Suspected Scams

For queries/appeals from MPs, POHs or agency QSMs, or suspected scams, please email to VITAL QSM.

VITAL Whistleblowing Channel

To report incidents of fraud, wrongful practices or observed improprieties occurring within VITAL or relating to VITAL staff, please fill up this online form or email to VITAL Whistleblowing with the details of the incident.

This channel is managed by an independent team and we are committed to ensuring that your identity and all disclosed information shall be treated with the strictest confidence. No action will be taken against any person who submits a report that is made in good faith, based upon genuine concerns. However, we will act against any person who makes false, malicious or frivolous report, including reporting the matter to the police.

Recruitment Enquiries

E-mail: VITAL Recruit

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